Hawk Pedestrian Hybrid (PHB) Crosswalk

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LaneLight Hawk Pedestrian Hybrid (PHB) Crosswalk

HAWK Pedestrian Hybrid Crosswalk System

HAWK Crosswalks (also known as Pedestrian Hybrid Crosswalks or PHB crosswalks) are being used more and more for mid-block applications. Our LaneLight HAWK Crosswalk System is the affordable standalone crossing option when extra pedestrian safety is needed. The HAWK PHB system is fully self-contained and can be configured to run on A/C or Solar power. Best of all, you get full HAWK system control at a fraction of the cost of a traditional 4-way intersection controller.  

Looking for additional visibility at your crossing? Add ITEM's LaneLight In-Pavement LED lighting. See more...


  • Ideal for mid-block crossing applications
  • Specially engineered for low power consumption
  • AC or Solar power available
  • Fully self-contained system
  • More affordable than traditional PHB systems


The HAWK Flash Pattern

The special flash pattern is what makes the HAWK a very popular and safe option for Cities and Counties. When a pedestrian activates the push button at the side of the roadway this is the flash cycle the approaching vehicles will see.


At the same time, this is what the pedestrian sees.


Get Extra Visibility with LaneLight

Crossings that need heightened visibility for distracted drivers can add our LaneLight In-Pavement LED crosswalk lighting. LaneLight is the perfect addition to the HAWK crosswalk system. The flush mounted LEDs are synced in perfect time with the main flashing beacons. The In-Pavement LEDs flash yellow to warn approaching drivers to use caution and then will automatically switch to red, indicating motorists to stop.

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