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AGD 645 Stereo Optical Pedestrian Detector

The AGD 645 Pedestrian Detector is a smart, optical, dynamic environment detector that makes crossings safer and more efficient by delivering robust Volumetrics Data within large 32ft. x 10ft. zones. Multiple units integrate together to cover ‘super-crossings’. The 645 is a high-performance sensor that processes information on board with its new chip-set and sophisticated algorithms for automated decision-making to provide ultra-reliable detection.


  • Large 32ft. x 10ft. zone - saves on infrastructure costs
  • AGD 3D HD stereo-vision - down to min 15 lux
  • Volumetrics – dynamic data for high efficiency
  • WiFi AGD Touch-setup - speeds installation & reduces risk
  • Quick-mask tool - easy zone selection
  • IP & Real-time video - instant information for improved safety



Typical Applications

See how the AGD 645 Optical Pedestrian Detector works at crosswalks to allow for dynamic extension of crossing times. 


Installation and Alignment

The AGD 645 Pedestrian Detector has excellent performance when mounted between heights of 10ft.- 19ft. Adjust the tilt angle so that the arrow marking on the housing and mounting foot line up. For 32ft. zone coverage, the unit must be tilted further back).




AGD Touch-setup App

The AGD Touch-Setup is a simple three stage process that allows installers to configure the device quickly and efficiently.

Step 1 - Name the Site


Step 2 - Set the Zone 


Step 3 - Calibration

Following successful calibration, you will view your selected zone actively 'detecting’ on the 真人线上娱乐网站home Page. The image you see on the screen will be the detect area with any area excluded areas grayed out. This image will update periodically. To monitor the zone and check the detector triggers, the front LED will turn on and off when someone enters and leaves the zone.


RoadQuake 2F

The RoadQuake® 2F TPRS (Temporary Portable Rumble Strips) are ideal for work zones where daily installation and removal of the work zone is frequently required. Set up and teardown is easy, saving you time and money. A Crew of two can setup an array in just minutes. 


  • Meets Section 6F.87 of the MUTCD
  • Generates similar levels of sound and vibration as milled strips
  • Folds to a compact 66" length
  • Ergonomic handles make installation and storage easy
  • Bevels on both sides to enhance motorcycle safety



Improved Breakaway Pin Connection

The new RoadQuake 2F replaces the older "tab" style connector with metal chain link hinges. These new hinges come with Breakaway Pin Connections. The metal chain link hinges allowed RoadQuake TPRS to fold. To better protect the strip itself, the Breakaway Pin Connection was developed. The pin connection consists of the existing RoadQuake 2F bracket, custom steel retaining clip, and impact-modified nylon pins. The Breakaway Pin Connection is designed to separate only under significant stress. The connections should not tear the strip itself, like metal chain link hinges may have done in extreme situations.



Holds fast! Even at highway speeds! 

Roadquake is rated for posted speeds limits up to 80 mph. See RoadQuake 2F in action


Get the CRIB Cargo Carrier for faster deployment

The CRIB holds up to six RoadQuake 2F strips for faster and safer deployment in your work zone. The CRIB is constructed of tubular steel and can connects to a Class IV or V receiver. The side mounted stainless steel rollers make it easy to deploy from both side by one worker.


RoadQuake Retrieval System

Add the innovative RoadQuake 2F Retrieval System and limit workers exposure to live traffic. Workers can now quickly and easily retrieve strip arrays with the touch of a button! The Retrieval System mounts to the CRIB cargo carrier on either side depending on your work zone application. The self-contained charger connects to you your vehicles 12v system.




SpeedLane Pro Dual Beam Radar

Houston Radar SpeedLane Pro™ is state of the art true dual beam, low power side-fire radar. It is designed to accurately detect lane, speed and class of individual vehicles and compute per lane volume, occupancy, gap, average speed, 85th percentile and headway parameters.


  • Simultaneously measures all vehicles in 16 user defined lanes with a maximum detection range of 255 feet.
  • Patent pending true dual beam “speed trap” technology inherently provides accurate measurements without the need for in situ calibration.
  • World’s lowest power usage highly integrated multi-lane traffic measurement radar. At 0.85 Watts SpeedLane requires 10X less power than competing products.
  • FCC and CE approved for full 250MHz operation to suite variety of application requirements.
  • Mounts on the side of the road for non-intrusive traffic data collection and works in all weather and lighting conditions.



HD Camera and More

  • Built-in 1.3MP HD video camera for sighting makes setup a snap and allows convenient remote monitoring of traffic.
  • All traffic measurements are on per vehicle, per-lane basis, available in real-time and stored in device memory.
  • Lane-by-lane vehicle counts, length based class, average and 85th percentile speeds, occupancy, headway and gap measurements.
  • Companion Windows application provides intuitive GUI to set all configuration parameters, display real time plots of targets and view snapshots & streaming HD video.
  • Built-in long range Class I 2.1+EDR Bluetooth, RS232/RS485 serial ports and Ethernet.
  • 512 Mbytes of on-board storage plus SD card expansion slot.
  • Comprehensive Houston Radar protocol, C and C# SDK.
  • Powerful SQL based query interface for historical data.


Optional Equipment

  • Built-in UPS with rechargeable battery keeps unit running for over 24hrs on loss of external power.
  • MPPT solar charger for optimal winter and cloudy day charging.
  • On-board 96Whr LiFePO4 battery for temporary or solar installations.
  • Wireless 3G GSM cellular for remote access.
  • POE (power over Ethernet).


See How to Configure Your SpeedLane Pro

QuadGuard M10

The QuadGuard® M10 consists of an engineered steel nose and crushable, energy absorbing cartridges surrounded by a framework of steel Quad-Beam™ panels. The system is MASH (Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware) and Test Level 3 compliant as a re-directive, non-gating crash cushion.


  • Self-supporting steel nose.
  • Monorail guide stabilizers.
  • Concrete or asphalt anchoring options available.
  • High strength Quad-BeamTM panels.
  • Needs no anchoring chains or tension cables.


MASH Ready

The QuadGuard M10 is crash tested to the latest MASH standards. The system is TL-3 rated for impacts up to 62 mph.



Self-Supporting Steel Nose

The QuadGuard M10 consists of an engineered steel nose and crushable, energy absorbing cartridges surrounded by a framework of steel Quad-Beam panels.




Monorail Guide Stabilizers

The unique Monorail Base in the QuadGuard Elite M10 combines the HPDE Cylinders and Quad-Beam panels together to creating the industries best redirective, non-gating crash cushion on the market.


High Strength Quad-Beam Panels

Trinity Industries exclusive Quad-BeamTM panels are made from high strength steel that slide over one another in a head on impact. Quad-Beam panels are also designed to redirect vehicles if impacted from the side.




M.H. Corbin Connect ITS

Make your existing sensors smarter!

The Connect:ITS Advanced Traffic Management System is engineered to be a simple to use, scalable and low power roadside information system. Using data from both M.H. Corbin and popular third party sensors, algorithms compute changing traffic and weather conditions in real-time.

Data is then analyzed and distributed to your existing messaging network of HAR systems, dynamic message signs and flashing beacon systems. Additional outputs can also be used to send data to in-vehicle warning systems via DSRC based systems.

Connect:ITS is now available in a smaller DIN Rail form factor so it can be placed almost anywhere! 



  • LED Display
  • Multiple Sensor Inputs
  • Multiple Destination Options
  • Scalable to suit your needs
  • Ready for the latest DSRC protocols

New Smaller DIN Rail Design

Traditional Din Rail Configuration


How Does It work?

The Connect:ITS ATMS controller uses IF/THEN scenarios to analyze incoming data from weather, pavement, speed and other sensors. Commands based on sensor input are then sent to DMS, HAR, beacons, variable speed limit signs and DSRC systems.



Scalable To Suit Your Needs

A Connect: ITS System can be scaled to operate as a stand-alone unit or as an add-on to an existing ATMS network. The CONNECT: ITS is the comprehensive solution to gathering, analyzing, and communicating accurate and reliable information to motorists.

The Connect: ITS System can compute thresholds for:

  • Adavanced Warning
  • Weather
  • Variable Speed Limits


Input/Output Ports

The Connect: ITS System is compatible with most legacy, existing, and future sensor systems including radar and speed, pavement condition, and temperature sensors, RWIS sensors, and DSRC devices.



Watch the video to see how the Connect: ITS can work for you.



TrafficVision software turns any traffic monitoring camera into an intelligent sensor. Specifically built for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), TrafficVision monitors digitally encoded video streams of traffic cameras on highways to immediately detect incidents and continuously collect real-time traffic data.


  • Patented Algorithms for Real Time Detection
  • Proactive Traffic Management
  • Incident and Congestion Management
  • Simple Installation

Using existing camera infrastructure, TrafficVision helps traffic managers make proactive decisions based on immediate incident alerts that are visually verifiable, providing more information about what is happening on highways, bridges and tunnels. TrafficVision helps organizations get more use out of their ITS investment, leveraging both existing and new video assets. By providing the information needed to reduce the impact of incidents and recurring congestion on highways, TrafficVision helps traffic managers provide safer and more efficient travel for the public.



Proactive Traffic Management

TrafficVision is a value-added tool to help lighten the load of operations staff performing manual surveillance, whether an operations center houses dozens or hundreds of video feeds.  TrafficVision can proactively alert operations staff based on alert criteria they set for the roads they are monitoring.  Alerts can be integrated seamlessly into an existing Advanced Traffic Management Software (ATMS) or other monitoring system. These can dramatically reduce the effect of incidents on traffic and improve overall safety.



Incident and Congestion Management

TrafficVision is designed to automate highway traffic monitoring for Departments of Transportation and Traffic Management Centers. Adding TrafficVision software analytics to your existing traffic management program offers significant benefits:

  • Improves incident detection and response times

  • Turns your existing cameras into highway sensors that notify you of incidents while collecting data 24/7

  • Improves efficiency of manual processes by operations staff

  • Deploys latest features and improvements immediately, with no need to deal directly with cameras

  • Provides traffic industry-specific analytics, as compared to security-industry algorithms not designed for changing light conditions and constant panning, tilting, and zooming

TrafficVision is specifically designed for operations centers housing dozens to hundreds of video feeds, where  manual surveillance or reactionary protocol are standard approaches to dealing with roadway problems.  TrafficVision helps improve operations and roadway safety with consistent, valid traffic data.


Special Events and Other Applications

TrafficVision works in standard traffic monitoring situations. It is also valuable in special cases, including:

  • Monitoring for incidents or collecting data during special events

  • Construction zones

  • Problem areas requiring quantified data points such as wrong way drivers, stopped vehicles, volume increases/decreases, or frequent slow downs

Cameras can collect traffic data for temporary or permanent locations, using existing cameras, or mounting new ones.  Contact us about your use case, and we will advise the best deployment based on your needs and available resources.



Simple Installation

TrafficVision was built for easy installation and integration, with no need to retro-fit or replace existing cameras.  If existing cameras use a standard digital encoding, their video feeds can be analyzed over the network. Alerts and data generated by the software are presented directly to operations staff in the TrafficVision User Interface or through an ATMS. TrafficVision software can operate on numerous hardware platforms to best fit organizational needs: Cloud, COTS Servers or hardened equipment in the field, or virtual machines. TrafficVision’s browser-based application permits anyone designated by traffic managers to access and configure analytics from anywhere with network access. There is no need to load extra software or clients onto work stations.


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